App Chain Data

Data Overview

Vala App Chain provides a range of on-chain data to reflect its ecosystem's activities. This includes transactions, smart contract interactions, and network metrics. The data is crucial for understanding the usage, growth, and trends within the Vala App Chain.

  1. Transactions: Records of all transactions on Vala, including amounts, addresses involved, and timestamps.

  2. Blocks: Information about blocks processed on Vala, detailing block height, transactions included, and creation times.

  3. Smart Contract Interactions: Data on interactions with smart contracts deployed on Vala, highlighting usage patterns and activity levels.

  4. Network Metrics: Key performance metrics like transaction throughput, block time, and overall network activity, offering insights into the network's health and efficiency.

Data Update and Source

Our database contains transaction data only (without event/internal transactions). The data is updated ONCE a day at UTC 00:00, however, the latest results are not published immediately. The RPC endpoints are the source of most of our data. If that still doesn't meet our needs, we use external APIs from the official rollup explorer.

Data Accessibility

The data from Vala App Chain is accessible for various stakeholders, including developers, researchers, and users. It serves multiple purposes such as transaction verification, network analysis, and smart contract development.

Usage Scenarios

  • Developers: Can use the data for building and optimizing Dapps on Vala.

  • Researchers: Can analyze the data for insights into Vala's blockchain performance and user behaviors.

  • Users: Can access the data for transaction history and network activity understanding.

Future Developments

Plans to enhance data offerings and increase the scope of available data are in place to support the growing needs of the Vala App Chain community.

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