Who Can Operate A Guardian Node

Anyone can participate in observing network activities by operating a Guardian Node, simply by downloading the necessary software, installing it, and running it on their system. However, to engage in specific functions such as contributing to consensus governance for compliance lists or to be eligible for rewards, it is essential to purchase at least one Guardian Node License Key.

Requirements for Accruing Rewards

  • KYC Compliance: To claim the rewards accrued from operating a Guardian Node, the node operator must pass a KYC (Know Your Customer) check. This check confirms two key conditions: a) The operator is not located in the USA. b) The operator is not subject to any OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) sanctions. Operators can verify their status regarding OFAC sanctions on the OFAC website here.

  • Legal Compliance: When purchasing a license key, operators must also confirm that doing so does not violate any local laws to which they are subject.

Operational Requirements

  • Node Activity: Guardian Nodes that are not active or are not adequately funded to cover gas fees will not accrue rewards, even with a license key. Therefore, operators must ensure that their nodes are properly funded, online, and operational to benefit from the reward system.

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