Accruing Node Rewards in the Guardian Protocol

Participation in Challenges

  • To be eligible for node rewards in the ZKT network, an operator must hold a valid Guardian Node Key. This Key allows the node to participate in network challenges.

  • Challenges are generated approximately once every hour, leading to around 720 challenges per month.

  • Each Key participating in a challenge is entitled to receive ZKT network rewards. The rewards are distributed on a pro-rata basis, dependent on specific network parameters.

Challenge Probability and Frequency

  • To maintain reasonable network gas fees and efficiency, each Key has a 1% chance of being selected to participate in a network challenge.

  • With this probability, on average, each active Key is expected to win and participate in about 7.2 challenges per month.

Optimizing Reward Potential

  • To maximize the likelihood of accruing node rewards, it is recommended that operators keep their Guardian Node, along with the ZKT Wallet (also known as the Operator Wallet), active and running 24/7.

  • Continuous operation ensures that the node is always ready to participate in challenges whenever they are eligible, thereby increasing the chances of earning rewards.

Reward Claim Process

  • Operators who successfully participate in challenges can claim their accrued rewards. The claiming process may involve certain network interactions and may incur nominal transaction fees.

  • It is important for operators to monitor their node’s performance and participation to ensure they are maximizing their reward potential.

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