Guardian Nodes

Guardian Node is a consensus node in ZKT Network, generating whitelists and blacklists based on regional distinctions. These lists correspond to honest/dishonest address collections on the blockchain, enabling regulatory compliance by limiting access to dishonest users. Membership proofs show the honesty of users, with dishonest addresses leading to a proof length of one, indicating a single dishonest address, whereas honest addresses can be part of the membership proof.

Guardian Nodes have two roles: Speaker and Voter. Speakers, in collaboration with security and on-chain analysis companies, have the unique authority to create proposals for adding/removing addresses to/from regional whitelists/blacklists. Voters participate in the network by voting on these proposals, with actions executed once over 50% of active nodes agree.

For instance, if a Speaker proposes adding an address to the US blacklist and over half of the active nodes agree, the address is added to the US region's blacklist Merkle tree. This blacklist oracle mechanism is also synchronized across all supported L1/L2 platforms.

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