Guardian Nodes Explained

In the ZKT Blockchain, a specialized node, referred to as the Guardian Node, is being developed. Its primary responsibility is to act as a deposit screener for private transactions, ensuring compliance at the deposit stage. This node functions through consensus decisions made by participating nodes to maintain regulatory adherence in private transactions. Additionally, the Guardian Node serves as an observation node within the network.

Functions and Purposes

  • Compliance Monitoring: The Guardian Node monitors transactions to ensure that all deposits comply with established regulatory standards.

  • Observation and Alerting: As an observation node, the Guardian Node watches over the network. If it detects incorrect or suspicious activities, it triggers an alert. This helps maintain the integrity and proper functioning of the network.

Node Operation

  • Deployment Flexibility: Community members can run Guardian Nodes on personal computers, desktops, or cloud instances.

  • Incentive Mechanism: Operators running a Guardian Node have the opportunity to receive token rewards from the network. This reward mechanism is based on a probabilistic algorithm and can be enhanced by staking tokens.

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