Guardian Node Voters, Automated Consensus Voting System

Voters are the most common type of nodes within the ZKT Network. All users can run a Guardian Node and operate a Voter node by holding a License NFT. Voter nodes function by responding to the descriptions of Proposals and executing pre-set scripts to assess the reliability of these proposals.

Therefore, Voters need to select or write appropriate scripts for execution. It's important to note that Proposals have four branches, and Voters must declare the Region they will respond to from the beginning: Add/Remove -> WhiteList/BlackList. Four types of judgments are required here.

For example, if adding an address to the blacklist, you could either delegate the decision-making to a security company's judgment solution or write your own script. This could involve querying a suspicious address database, analyzing the transactions of the address in question, or even utilizing the ZKT Network's AML AI service. This process determines the subsequent vote output. By staying online continuously and participating in voting, one can maximize their engagement in the network and receive token incentives.

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