Secret, ULO Tree, Membership Proof Table

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    Secret: In the ZKT protocol, a 'Secret' is a unique identifier obtained by users after depositing into a ULO (Unspent Leaf Output). These Secrets can be managed via ZKT's Chrome plugin or iOS app, enhancing user interface usability and optimizing client-side computational performance for ULO usage.
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    ULO Tree: The ULO Tree in the ZKT protocol is a Merkle tree structure used to effectively track and manage the state of user assets. Users can select an unused leaf node slot for depositing assets and provide the asset along with a commitment. For asset withdrawal, the user needs to provide the withdrawal amount, new leaf node hash, and a zero-knowledge proof.
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    Membership Proof Table: This is a data structure based on Plonk and Plookup, used within ZKT's UTXO model. Unlike traditional Merkle proof methods, which lead to linear growth in circuit size with a large number of ULO proofs, Plookup maintains a constant level of circuit complexity. This significantly reduces computational complexity and processing time, irrespective of the number of ULOs to be verified.